Foreign Purchases Unit


In the Foreign Purchases Unit, which operates under the Purchasing (Investment) Branch Management, transactions are carried out in accordance with the Customs Law No. 4458, and the customs procedures of the materials purchased from abroad or brought to customs as grants, free of charge, temporary acceptance are carried out and entered into the units of our Institute.

The general purpose of the establishment of the unit; The materials that cannot be procured domestically or are high cost are brought from abroad under the most favourable conditions for the continuation of education / training and scientific research.

The main activities carried out in the Foreign Purchases Unit are as follows:

  • Making payments to suppliers abroad for machinery and equipment, consumables, services, software programmes within the scope of TÜBİTAK, BAP, SPO, SAN-TEZ, EU projects or in line with the requests from administrative units.
  • For the goods and materials procured from abroad, in cases where a tender is required, a tender is made within the scope of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734.
  • Opening letters of credit (L/C) with the exporter company for the goods and materials tendered.
  • Completing the customs clearance procedures of the goods and materials arriving at the Turkish Customs and transporting them safely to the relevant units of our Institute.
  • Carrying out customs clearance procedures of goods and materials sent to our Institute by grant or free of charge.
  • Ensuring that machinery-equipment purchased from abroad is temporarily sent abroad for maintenance-repair or within the warranty period within the scope of the “Excluded Processing Regime”.
  • Payment of overseas membership fees.
  • Obtaining import permits in cases of necessity from institutions such as Customs Directorates, relevant Ministries and the Presidency of the Atomic Energy Authority of Türkiye when necessary.